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07-01-2019  · Dobsonian telescopes are known for its simple design, easy to use feature and here even SkyQuest XT10 does not disappoint on this front. XT10 Dobsonian telescope features a 10-inch parabolic mirror housed in a 48-inch solid steel optical tube with f-ratio of f/4.7 to give a bright and high contrast view with a minimum color distortion.

16-05-2018  · Unfortunately, Dobsonian Telescopes tend to be quite heavy. Key Considerations when Purchasing a Dobsonian Telescope i) Consider the Aperture. When talking about telescopes, you want to start with the aperture. This is the size of the light socusing mirror or lens. Typically, astronomers try to go as thin as possible with dobsonian mirrors.

12-04-2019  · The 10inch Dobsonian telescope from Sky-Watcher is a Newtonian reflector telescope where the mirror is used to gather light. Designed for amateur and intermediate users, this telescope offers a large aperture, short focal length, good optical quality and great light gathering quality, all at an affordable price. In addition, its collapsible feature makes it easy to carry and move from one location.

Plans for Building a Dobsonian Telescope brought to you by: The San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers Yes, it "looks like a cannon," but the above is really a ten-inch (measured by the diameter of the objective) Newtonian telescope that almost anybody can build.

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10-03-2016  · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sky-Watcher 12" Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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The Alkaid Dobsonian Travel Telescope is a handcrafted product and made in the Netherlands with passion and quality care. The Alkaid is specifically designed for travelling and easy transportation. The telescope is stable and easy to set up and break down. The whole telescope breaks down into three components: a solid case, light shield and the.

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12-10-2015  · Teeter’s Telescopes unveils its latest custom Dobsonian telescope, the TT/Journey ($2,550 without optics). This compact 11-inch Dobsonian is designed to be as light as possible, with adequate.

Orion Skyquest xt8 classic Dobsonian Telescope key features. The American retail company, Orion Telescopes & Binoculars has been supplying astronomers with durable, high-quality telescopes since 1975 making them one of the most recognized brands both in the United States and rest of the world.

26-07-2017  · The SkyVision T600 Compact Dobsonian with its whopping 24-inch diameter mirror is that big aperture telescope. It can be broken into manageable parts that fit into a family car, allowing you to travel away from city lights to get the very best views of the heavens.

19-12-2019  · It might be a small, squat-looking telescope on a miniature Dobsonian mount, but the 10012 SkyScanner gives you a lot of aperture for a very reasonable price.